Images Cubed

We are a local Bay Area group of makers who want to share new technology and experiences with new people.


From websites to interactive sculpture, browse selected works that showcase our powerful, yet simply intuative project design.


Blogs, sketches, and tinkering. Check out what Images Cubed has been up to lately in the world of digital media.

Recent Work


A data visualization sculpture that translates the idea of the abstract digital data packets as tangible fluids along tubes, creating a representation of internet data that users can quickly relate to.

Wild Woman

A portfolio website devoted to local pottery from Half Moon Bay, California. A combination of rustic qualities with a sleek interface that's intuative to navigate.


A data driven interactive mapper that uses live data from the USGS to physically mark earthquakes as they happen. It is driven by CNC framework that maps out earthquake epicenters onto a sand map of California.