I love making things, collaborating, and finding unique solutions to interesting problems.
Above all, keep it clean, simple and do it well.

South Bay Tinkerers was founded in 2015 by SJSU Digital Media Art Alumni to share our new found passion with upcoming fabrication technologies. While we understand not everyone is tech savvy, we were founded on underlying principals of simplicity, creativity, and constant tinkering. Our disciplines have only become stronger as it has branched out to all aspects of digital media.

We are a organization of local makers that want to share new technologies and experiences with new people. Our mission is to share new technologies with a larger audience that might be unfamiliar with tools like 3d printers, laser engravers and CNC routers. All the work featured on the website are created by students of South Bay Tinkerers.

As focused people, makers, designers, and developers, we specialize in crafting engaging experiences, both digital and physical. We are driven by principals of usability, functionality, and inventiveness. Because digital media shouldn't be complicated.