Welcome to Images Cubed

This is the portfolio and online home for digital media artist, Scott Blackwell. Originally designed as a 3d desktop wallpaper site, it has quickly evolved to include not only his 3D work, but also other tanglible projects that emcompass a wide variety of work. From interactive software projects to physical data visualizations, his work encompasses ideas that are embeded in this new art frontier.

Below is a small list of links to various projects he has worked on the past few years at San Jose State:

  • Quakebot: A data driven CNC device that physically plots out earthquake epicenters and magnitude in California in real-time
  • #OccupyEarth: An explosive glass and electronic sculpture that explores social media and its relation to the major recent revolutionary events surrounding the occupy movement
  • Bought the Farm: Projector installation on the Half Moon Bay statue that talks about the financial and official end to the town's local goverment to housing developers

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